• woman writing in notepad "Information design is defined as the art and science of preparing information so that it can be used by human beings with efficiency and effectiveness." Robert E. Jacobson
  • writing on paper "Tell me, and I'll forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I'll understand." Chinese Proverb
  • people in office "For information to have impact, it must be easy to find, simple to use, and instantly understandable." Information Design Association
  • fingers typing "Good writers are those who keep the language efficient. That is to say, keep it accurate, keep it clear." Ezra Pound
  • mobile phone laptop notebook "Clear communitation must be the goal of all organisations and writers..."Style Manual

Technical writing includes:

  • user guides
  • procedures manuals
  • operations manuals
  • instruction booklets
  • online contextual help
  • presentations
  • informative pamphlets and brochures
  • tender/bid documents
  • digital/social media content  

Technical writing

The technical writer's main aim is to take complex information and present it in an easy to understand format tailored specifically to the target audience. That information may be conveyed in print or online, using text, video, audio, diagrams, images, etc. A technical writer needs to be able to adapt their writing style and structure to those two quite different environments.

The first step in a technical writing project is to analyse the intended audience. A writer or designer needs to know who will be reading the document, and why they will be reading it. Is the target readership laypeople who have little technical knowledge, or relative experts who will understand a certain amount of jargon?

The next step is to research and organise all the relevant information about the subject, utilising existing documentation and subject matter experts (SMEs).

Another important part of technical writing is to structure the information in a logical and organised way. A user needs to be able to easily find their way through the document to find the information they need when they need it.

Acute ID specialises in training materials and software documentation, including user manuals and online help.